Caring for your products

The structure of wood is designed by nature as a transportation system for moisture and nutrients within the living tree. This transportation system remains in place once a cutting board is created from raw material. It's important to keep this in mind when caring for a cutting board. Wood gains moisture as humidity around the board goes up and it loses moisture as the air dries out. When you receive your cutting board it has a internal oil finish on it. The reason we finish our cutting boards is to inhibit the movement of moisture in and out of the block. Mineral oil is a completely food safe finish, unfortunately mineral oil is not permanent and it can be washed off with normal maintenance. That means it's necessary to maintain the mineral oil finish relatively regularly. 

how soon can i get my product(s)

We do our absolute best to get your products into your hands as soon as possible. 

what is the process for custom furniture or counters

We offer a variety of custom products. The best way to get your custom design or idea made is to reach out to us via our contact page and we will let you know how we can make it happen. 

what are the options for commercial or large corporate orders

We handle these types of orders on a case by case basis. Just reach out to us! We'd love to take care of your business needs.

how do i clean my product

Don't immerse your board in water. Sponge it off with warm, soapy water. Immediately towel dry it thoroughly. If the board needs to be disinfected pour 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. It's advised that boards not be use for excessive meat preparation because of the bacteria left behind that need strong chemicals and a good scrubbing to kill. 

what about other types of wood

We only use wood that has been responsibly sourced. By doing so, the types of wood available are usually more limited than builders that use exotic woods that have been harvested. the wood we do have access to however is unique in its own color and grain. we sort and assemble our products with care to ensure you are left with a beautiful product.